Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dulwich Festival Open House

oh What a beautiful day I've had today, I was invited by a customer of mine to set-up my knits, jewellery and leather bags, at the dulwich festival open house.
An amazing amount of people attended constant flows of people visited, chatted, purchased and browsed.

Tomorrow I shall be playing open house again.
11 - 6 at 6 Pond Cottages, se21.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's a silver ice affair

Well how funny that my inspiration has this week come from the colours within my kitchen and hallway.

It's only now that I think of the colours that I've been knitting all week happen to be grey's, silvery and icey tones.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Almost done

Well wouldn't you know, having finished the kitchen, obviously the paint burshes were eager to carry on their work, and go on to touch up the hallway.

Well it had been a few years since that had seen a lick of paint.

Also what a great opportunity to show you my morrocan light, which I've blogged on already

Monday, May 4, 2009


I sent my dad the link to my blog this morning, so he can print some pictures of my new kitchen, to show my mum,

I don't think my dad has wandered onto a blog of any kind before (could be wrong) so if you see a good looking, agile 70 something wandering around looking lost. Please help him out. HAHAHAHAH

Luckily I don't think he has a blog account, so I'm safe in knowing he won't be able to leave any embarrassing comments. But just as soon, as I get the Imac out of my bedroom, where the BF is currently sleeping, I'm going to publish a picture of mum and dad right here. I think I'll shoot first with the embarrassment gun.

I have been interviewed, and blogged. ooo urrr.

Yes my first ever interview, how cool.
If you'd like to know a tiny bit more about iLE AiYE, checkout thepeachtrees, blog, I'm only the featured artist. :-)

Summer is Coming, hurry up.

With summer almost upon us, and as I'm always feeling the cold, I created these summer shrugs, well completely by accident actually, I'd ordered the yarn, expecting something a little thicker, more like my kimono shrugs, which were more autumn winter stylie.
To my delight the finished result was even better than my kimono shrugs, and the delicate yarn, and the loose knit is just so romantic.
If you'd like to purchase one, they are available in my etsy store: