Saturday, April 18, 2009

WATER - without it where would we be

Today i am going to be spending most of my time buoyant on water

This is one of my favourite places to be in the world, if not under the steaming hot sun, on a sandy beach, or sat in the middle of the sahara desert, it is to be surrounded by water.
I take a lot of my inspiration from water, the gentle flows, the ripples, the colour changes, the curves, and the natural shapes. so who knows what my mind will conjur up after a day surrounded by the wet stuff.

Just what I need after a very exhausting week.

I will be loving it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


That's what would be sung (well maybe no exactly sung, more repeated in a kind of harmonic mean and nasty way) in school playgrounds across the country. When a girl would come with the same pencil case, or the same socks, or the same headband. copy cat, copy cat

So obviously some people copy, and other people create. Those that copy will never feel the depths of despair like a creator /designer does when they see their designs blatantly copied, and publicly announced as theirs (-the copiers)

This has happened to me more than once, in different environments, from art fayres, to online selling.

I bring this up today, as I'm currently bringing my blood pressure back down, I'm stopping my heart from beating like a manic drum, and soothing my head, from the rush of blood that has been travelling through my body at 100miles an hour, for the good part of this afternoon.

I like to think of myself as a graceful person, so i will not be exposing the person responsible for my body reacting the way that it has this afternoon, and I will not be showing pictures, of the said designs that have been copied.

But please if you are a maker, always remember a designer is somebody who creates something honestly, your soul, your mind and every inch of you has gone into creating your piece. BUT if you are a maker, who snoops at peoples designs, and studies it, then goes off and makes it, and whilst creating it convinces themselves it's there's and it's new, and it's going to sell, then you my dear are a COPYCAT.

Could this be the answer to my dreams. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I sleep for like 4- 6 hours a night, when I wake up the first things I think off, are, what might I have to knit, or what I 'd like to knit that day.

I wonder., if I slept on this, would I dream of knitting as well.
Phat knits have been created by

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 is the new 20

Wow tomorrow is my boyfriends 50th Birthday, Yeah I know how good does he look.

He'll probably kill me for posting him on the net, but hey, why not, he looks bloody luvly, and he's a role model to all those middle aged men who need a bit of grooming.


Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm Hooked

So until I stumbled upon
I'd never found a piece of art that made me want to sit and ponder it, the way the lyses' work does. There's something deep within the images she creates, that just make me look and wonder. I also love the feminity that's practically in every image she creates.

I bought the stunning hand and bird picture for my mum, she adores it also.
So for your viewing pleasure here are just a few of my favourites.

Creating a new Cooking space

So I'm not really into interior design, but I do like my place to have colour, texture, and lots of things that make me feel happy when I look at them.

Currently I've been pushed into completely gutting my old country style kitchen, and revamping, with what I believe will be a fitted bog standard kitchen of some sorts.

Gone is my Butler sink.
Gone is my unusual dish drainer
Gone is my stainless steel drop down work surface, and gone is my blue shelving unit inspired by Monica's shelving in Friends.

Here is the kitchen I've lost. Yeah I know it's small, I know it needing doing, But that doesn't stop me missing it.
I will be showing you work in process later today, but beware it's not a pretty site.
and I'll follow up at the end of the week, when hopefully I'll have my new fitted kitchen, and all my new bits, that will hopefully make me pleased that my old kitchen has gone.


Just a couple of images to give you an idea of how my kitchen has looked over the Easter holidays.

If you feel to send me cake to comfort my loss, all types are welcome :-)