Saturday, September 25, 2010

Faux fur Aviator hat

I've fancied a faux fur rimmed hat for the winter, so this afternoon, I've knitted up this little number. It's really very very cozy.

Loving these

So london has been playing host to London Fashion Week, and whilst I don't go to the shows, or even follow fashion that closely, I do find some designers are interesting to check out now and then,
Rodarte is one of those designers who's worth a look,
Firstly I'm really liking the styling of these models hair, I might try this on my main one day soon.
then I'm loving the shapes of these dresses, with there almost halterneck tops, and the additional fabric on the waist to give a great silhouette, and the fabrics, well they are just lush, the wood effect is so clever, the lace and net, this reminds me of something I've had in mind to create for quite a while now, but time hasn't permitted, after seeing this, it's really stirring me on.
And I'm very tempted to have a go at making image no.1

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a couple of hours sunshine

Today London was surprised with a sprinkling of sunshine, of which we're told to expect another day tomorrow, even better than today, before it turns back to Autumn cold and dull again on Thursday.
So a girl can only be tortured so much, it's more than 6 weeks since we had such a nice day, so I took myself off to a little village near Windsor called Datchet, and sat under a tree next to the River Thames, This part of the Thames is quite beautiful, and frequented by plenty of Ducks, Geese and Swans.
This peaceful afternoon, means i'll be knitting late into the night tonight, to catch up on my lost hours, but hey, it was soo worth it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The lighting in london is so awful today,

I'm not a big fan of the autumn/winter seasons, I'm much much happier in blazing hot sun shine,
Apart from the obvious traits of Autumn Winter, the other downside is the lack of good daylight to take images, For the life of me i can't get a good picture to demonstrate the true colour of this hat. ARRGGHH there's months of this joy ahead.

A little alteration,

I made a little alteration to the cowl, allowing it to drape a bit more around the chest, giving a touch more coverage.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

more sunday knitting

So Sundays are my favourite day for knitting, I get to knit new things, catch up on orders, tackle more time consuming projects, and I can sit in my comfy chair, in my PJ's all day without rushing to the Post Office, or packing up orders.
So this morning I've finished off this cowl, it's a luxury 100% Cashmere yarn - not cheap- i've knitted it on a small needle, with a rib effect, this means it falls into the time consuming category.
this little parcel of luxury is heading off to my regular customer in the States.

Endless weekends & Sunday knitting

So the camera is definitely lying today, because this little black dress looks much more beautiful in real life than it does in these images, the yarn is so gorgeous, with a double knit throughout, sometimes a triple knit to add thickness and luxury, and the netting effect, of which you can't see all of it, due to shadows etc.
Anyway I'm hoping after what seems like months I'm finally at the last hurdle with this dress, My very patient Friend- Renee (a fantastic interior painter/finisher, checkout her work here and her singer/songwriter skills here commissioned this dress has a wonderful curvaceous figure, so it's going to look a lot nicer on her than it does on this mannequin. I'm hoping she won't mind me taking a few pictures of her wearing it.