Friday, November 26, 2010

elegant evening shrug

Just perfect, for those festive parties,

No Pain No Gain

This yarn is probably the most difficult yarn I use, it's so tricky to knit, and boy if you drop a stitch, it's just a nightmare trying to find the loop to pull it through.

But as always in life, you must persevere in order to create perfection,
Today I've completed a new shrug using this yarn, later on today, when I'm out of my PJ's, I'll get some images of me wearing this festive glamour garment.

Black Friday

I'm having a Black Friday sale 15% OFF total purchase price, store wide
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have fun..............

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A brown version.

I've been missing in action this week, I'm swamped with pre-holiday orders, this time of year seems to wake up all my online sales venues so it's full steam ahead.
Anyway I was really happy to knit this order up this week, it's been over a year since I designed this sweater, in the original oatmeal shade. I've since knitted it in the silver but till now hadn't got an order for it in the brown.
This particular one is a tad to small for me, as it's made to the customers specs, who is smaller than myself. but it gives me an idea of the finished look in this shade.

Monday, November 22, 2010

This is the last pair

Blue Cashmerino Romantic gloves LAST Pair in this shade

Sadly the blue frill is almost all gone, just one more pair can be knitted from the little stash that I have left. I've got a small amount of a brighter pale blue for future pairs, but this teal dusky blue is such a great colour, it's a real shame to see it finished.