Friday, November 6, 2009

Tis the season for parties

Cape and jacket (above)

Dresses by

When browsing the web or the highstreet for pressie for our loved ones, if you're anything like me, somewhere along the line, I have to pick something up for myself. So for us girls who need to be looking and feeling pretty either on Xmas day, or indeed at any of those parties over the holiday season. Here's a few garments to put a smile on your face,

More ideas for men

Belt buckle by

screen printed tie

Toybreaker, will print just about anything onto a tie, they even have a wooden tie gift box for an additional $10.00

Scarf, by

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lets go shopping for the DoG

I seriously wish I had a dog, This would just have me freaking out with laughter, even now I'm trying so hard to keep my imagination from going crazy, seeing a dog wearing this on Christmas day, is way beyound funny.
~If you really need one of these for the dog in your life, it's available at

Lets go shopping


Two elements cuff by

A wooden Bug, by

Daydreaming at Sunset. by
So November is rewarding me with a tiny bit of time on my hands. Which I'm most grateful for.
Whilst I've still got a heap of orders to dispatch, the deadline isn't nearly as tight as it's been.
So I find myself with a bit of time, where I can share some work from other very talented artists who sell on etsy.

Today I'm bringing you some gift ideas for the men in your life, beit son's husbands, dads, or uncles.

Etsy FP 4/11/09

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Guardian

So yesterday, I was asked by one of the website's that feature iLE AiYE hats if I could provide a product/image cut out. This website work closely with the media, ie: magazines, newspapers, and T.V. They've been asked to put together a list of Christmas Gifts for The Guardian Newspaper, So you can imagine how chuffed I was when I got that email.

Timi did the cut out for me today. So now it's just a waiting game, will my iLE AiYE hat make it into their feature, and when will it be featured??? So if anyone see's the above cut out in The Guardian, please give me a shout.