Saturday, February 12, 2011

Customer Feedback

Customers are one of most important chains in the link to a successful business, so when I receive a convo from a customer with kind words about my work, and an image they want to share with me of their special occasion which they bought their garment especially for, it puts the biggest smile on my face, and the warmest of glows in my heart.
This lovely lady purchased the firefly shrug Back in November for an award ceremony of which she was to be awarded a prestigious award for her volunteer work at her local hospital.
I was thrilled she took the time to send me this image.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm back

Chocolate, but no ordinary chocolate, this is a unique  iLE AiYE wrap around versatile chocolate Jacket LAST ONE

I've just spent the past two - three weeks in the worst pain imaginable - toothache, yes I was struck down with another bite of the menacing pain which literally had me wanting to rip my head off at times. Anyway this is hopefully all behind me now, as I've braved the dentist and the problem is solved. PHEW>>>>>

Whilst searching through my yarn stash last night, I found another bag of this chocolate yarn, this yarn is like that lost sock, it hides, and then unexpectedly out it pops from no where, it's hardly surprising, given I bought about 50 bags of the yarn some years ago, but I'm now pretty sure this is the last batch. So this will certainly be the last chocolate wrap available.