Friday, July 31, 2009

I've not stopped all week.

My little fingers have been knitting like flippin crazy this week, and everything else in my little world has been just as mad. But today, I took a long soak in the bath, and took half an hour to myself. Part of that half hour, was to think about how I could play around with my tanergine kimono sleeved shrug.
The colou of this shrug is so striking, and looks perfect with a tan, so I thought I'd revamp the images online, as the previous ones of this shrug, were not showing it off to it's full potentail. These piccies are the results of a few minutes of play. :-) not only am I pleased with the results. I've also come up with a new idea which I'll knit just as soon as I have a few hours to experiment.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Little treat

I felt the need for some retail thearaphy today, the blouse is now MINE, well it will be when it arrives, in about 2 weeks time, I've bought it from this clothing store on etsy,
I've bought from there before and wore the previous blouse tons, as well as buying one of their skirts for my mum, which she loved.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Etsy FP last night

This was on the etsy front page last night for 'I think' 2 hours, whoopee. My firefly poncho got 70 hearts, and 1,500 views, my shop got 84 hearts, Page one of my shop got over 120 hearts and i sold 6 items. overnight. thrilled.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DiY city mag

yesterday I received an email, of the lasted craft magazine available to uk crafters, I had done this small interview back in january 09, and had completely forgotton all about it. so I was pleasently surprised when I browsed through and found ile aiye featured, along with some other great crafters artists.

Monday, July 27, 2009

ying and yang

I say ying yang,
because whilst this weekend has been great for sales, and exposure, 2 etsy front pages within 20hours of each other, The one above was this afternoon, and a lovely lady sent me the screen shot. the yang, or was it the ying, meant that in the middle of all the ups, came a big down, my laptop gave up on me, and I lost everything, well I say everything, most of it, I thankfully keep a usb for back ups, so the important stuff is all saved, but what a palava fixing it all up again, whilst trying to knit up and post orders It's been one of those days when the universe tests your ability to keep calm. Thankfully I'm back online on my laptop, a good majority of my orders are in the post, but it's taken since 6am this morning.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

lemon seed

Well I've been cutting up lemons every day for years now, We use them for our tea, and for salad dressings every day.

This morning, I did the normal, sliced a piece of lemon, then cut the slice in half, and poured the hot water over it, with an earl grey tea bag. The lemon as normal floated to the top, but what wasn't normal, was, just sat on top of the lemon was this green leafy thing, I popped my fingers in to pick it out thinking is might be some lettuce or whatever, well it wouldn't come out, on closer inspection, is was actually one of the lemon seeds inside of the lemon, which had started sprouting, I was quite surprised, I've not seen a sprouting seed inside of a lemon, or anything before. Yes sprouting outside of the skin for sure, Maybe there something weird going on with my lemons :-))))