Thursday, March 25, 2010

Orange burst

This week I've knitted up some linen and cotton shawls, this one is the orange and brown, i first knitted this colour combo some 2 years ago, and loved it, i'm still lovin it, unfortunately the sun wasn't shinning in london today, so the images are a little bit dull. So the vibrant shades are not caught to there best potential, so I'll be retaking some shots once the sun comes out of those clouds.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All in a mornings work

This morning my eyes opened shortly after 3am, gawd... on went the coffee, a little internet therapy. then I set to work on these custom orders, By 10am all was done, so a little photo session was next, upload to flicker, etsy, post here, then a cup of tea, I'm now done, so I'm off for a nap. Good night. ;-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

to long distant friends

Recycled Skateboard Bling Bling Custom Ring

Recycled Skateboard Bling Bling Custom Ring

When I was younger my then BF, and all the peeps I hung around with were bang into skating and surfing, For about 3 years every weekend we'd pile into our VW campers, or our VW Beatles and head off to the Gower in south Wales or Newquay in Cornwall. Most weekends there was at least 20 of us. I have to admit i was pretty useless at both sports, but I was good at hanging out. Many of the grew from back then, are still surfing their way around the world, some have pitched up on the shores of Australia or California all so they can catch that swell, and ride there boards, So when I saw this store on Etsy, who recycle old skateboards into jewellery, it touched a nerve and reminded me off all those long distant friends, If I could, I'd send them each a ring, but for now i'll just have to view their antics on Facebook.

a little bit of yummyliciousness

This morning I've treated myself to yummyness not just the lemon tart I had for breakfast, but I've also knitted the taupe eyelish yarn that had patiently waited to be used for about 2 months, this morning it could wait no longer and was screaming at me to knit it up.
This is a sneaky peek of the totally yummy eyelash yarn married with a super warm/soft alpaca blend.
I'm infatuated with it.