Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For anyone who popped into my blog the other day, and unfortunately saw my rant. At least one person had some sense to explain to a fellow knitter what it is to infringe on someone else's design style.

Whomever you are 'I thank you', and thankfully the knitter in question had the decency to listen to that persons words and do something about it, lets hope it's not short lived.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feeling girlie

This weekend, I pulled out my favourite shoes, I bought them in Biarritz, France, like 3 summers ago. I've worn them twice since, (well I don't want to ruin them)

Timi and I weren't going anywhere special, just popping round to his sisters for dinner, but I felt like dressing girlie, so out they came, my pretty little shoes. matched with crop skinny jeans, and a white blouse.

Oh how I love them. :-)