Friday, February 5, 2010

dressing up

So sometime's it's just fun to dress up, sooo this mornin I wore some of timi's cloths, to model my new grunge tank, oh and I can tell you it felt soooo good, sloppy joe, this look would be fab with the prettiest dainty shoes, I have such a pair, and I think I might be stepping out like this sometime in the spring.

vote for your fav.

So I'm about to start knitting up a lovely sweater, for the very stylish Andrea who commissioned the black net tank top, back in the summer. She's requested a brown knit , 'but I've thrown in a choice of pink cause I think it looks lovely', and I might do the sample sweater in this shade
The sweater is to be a little hairy, so using a mix of kid mohair and alpaca yarns, these are the choices thus far. the top swatch/image has a hint of ginger which is really nice, but clearly you can see two different colours at work, the bottom swatch is an alpaca and kid mohair again, but this time, they blend perfectly,
Then of course there's the delectable pink cotton and kid mohair.
Which one would you choose. ??

Sunday, January 31, 2010

ta DAA

So this is it, the yarn which I've stayed a good distance from until my visit to Honer Parry yesterday, I picked up a couple of balls, and this morning I've knitted this up, since then I've been on the net and ordered some more in different colours, cause I'm really loving it. So watch this space for more furry delights in the coming months.
Every piece will be a unique blend of colours, which will help me to use up all those small balls of yarn that I've got stashed just waiting to be used in the right way. I think this design has just given them all a good home.