Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SEPTEMBER flipping heck

So as we step into October, I'm wondering how I've coped with my recorded breaking month with 148 sales 'plus', throughout september, I'm almost exhausted, but totally amazed that my August record sales were smashed to pieces.

It's funny when I first started selling on etsy almost two years ago, my first batch of sales where for 12 hats to a lady in the US, as I came to the end of my 2nd year, I rounded this off with a sale of 12 hats, to a lady who owns a boutique in the US, how funny.

4th October may see me offering a special 2nd anniversay discount on my hats, so check out if you need to warm up your barnet this fall.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lookin Gooooood

Queen michele has been posting on her blog about a project she's involved with, to make a DIY Lanvin neckpiece. There's a tutorial for those interested, but how chuffed am I that one of the outfits she chose to show off her finished piece, included an iLE AiYE hat.
I sent her this hat a month or so ago, as a thank you for featuring the grey hat which she already owns, even though I say so myself I think I choose a great colour for her, the aubergine tone sits perfectly with her jet black hair.

~Most amazing FP results

~On saturday evening 6pm UK time, this treasury made it to the etsy FP, curated by the lovely Karena who makes silver/bronze jewellery this is her store

This was the most successful FP I've had to date (sales wise) total orders being 20, 12 of them are for hats. I was inundated with convo's, for custom /reserved orders, and my store views exceeded 5,000 in an hour.

As a thank you for putting me in her lovely treasury which generated so much business, I'm sending the lovely karena, a hat of her choice, she's picked a purple one.