Friday, December 10, 2010

The grunge sweater in Black.

What a crazy busy time I'm having, hence the lack of attention I've paid to my blog these past couple of weeks, I'm thinking this will all change as the holiday season eases off,
As a creative person, it's really hard at times, juggling the need to earn money for food, shelter etc. whilst still wanting to create something new,
this basically means, that once something is created, I want to move on to the next, but as I need to eat, then I also need to sell my work, so instead it's endless hours of re-creating pieces I have in store, But there's always a silver lining to this situation, that is when a customer requests a current piece in a different colour, yeahhhhh I jump with joy, it means I can make something new, see something new, feel something new, try on something new, and post something new,
So I'm thrilled that this week I finished up this sweater, a custom request for a black version of the green grunge