Friday, September 18, 2009

Spine fever

o I do have a soft spot for details on the back of garments, and whilst I really like this image, taken from the satortorialist one of my daily reads, and love the dress, it's a shame the spine detail stops at a mere print. It's being worn by Anna dello Russo, so you know this dress would have cost more than the car I have parked outside. The sleeves are wonderful, the fabric is lush, but the spine detail lacks that little extra something, in my opinion. but then I don't think to many people will be worrying about that, not with the pins on this women, I mean who's gonna be looking at the dress ;-)

ETSY FP 17/9/09

This was another Etsy FP created by Get Ready Set Go ,(thank you GRSG) it was on the FP yesterday morning at 8am, I think my caridgan was only on there for 10 mins, before it sold, I was making myself a cup of coffee at the time, when I came back from the kitchen, I saw my views had gone up, and I'd had a sale. Yipee. This cardigan is off to central France. merci.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new hat pictures

At the moment the newest kind of thing I have time to do, is a quick photo of some hats. I'm so wanting to knit something new. Anyway tomorrow I hope to knit a new orange hat. at least that will feed my need for another day. ;-)

Sorry for the lack of posts

I was on the ETSY FP on Monday night and Tuesday, the bottom image was on Tuesday at around 9.30pm GMT time, and wow I had about 2,000 views, 46 item hearts, a bucket load of convo's apart from queries on items, etc, I had a loads of lovely people telling me how exquisite my cardigan is, (thank you to them ) and something like 53 shop hearts.
In comparison, the top image was on ETSY FP on Monday night/Tuesday morning at around 1am, I'm not sure of the stats, but from what I remember only about 5 item hearts, and around 12 shop hearts, but sales were rocking, 8 in total.
So far up to 15th September, I'm in utter disbelief at how popular my items are, I've sold 77 items in 15 days, I didn't think it possible to beat my Record breaking August, but it looks like September is out to crash my previous record.