Saturday, January 22, 2011

More shades available

Pinkish cream oversized grunge sweater

I've just come across some more shades available in this lush yarn, along with the swatches above, it also come in a black yeah..... but I think the pink and the green are still my faves.
I'm gonna order the red shade, and knit up an asymmetrical version.

Pinks all done

Friday, January 21, 2011

This mornings project

This morning I've been knitting up this custom order, my customer has also requested a baby pink version, so now having made up this gorgeous shrug, I'm excited to crack on with the pink, image may follow over the weekend.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An easy scarf.

Chunky scarf, mixed shades of cream, rust, black, silver,  Fawn, grey and green

Chunky scarf, mixed shades of cream, rust, black, silver,  Fawn, grey and green

Easy to knit, and easy to wear, and easy when you have as much yarn as I do, to knock up one of these in any mix of colours.

For novice knitters, this is probably the first kind of project you'd do, a scarf. but most new knitters would be looking to knit a near perfect scarf. after years of knitting, I've discovered it's all about design, and colour, whilst this scarf is simple in design, it really does work in adding that fun funky accessories to your winter wardrobe. The chunky knit, means it grows quickly, and the roughly tied strands mean it's not perfectly neat, but I'm not looking for 'neat' I'm looking for fun. So if you've ever fancied picking up the needles but thought you'd make a mess of it, Don't worry, just do it,
find yourself some size 10, 12 or 15 needles,
cast on at least 20st for size 10, 18 st for size 12 and 15st for size 15 choose your yarn (don't worry about the gauge instruction on the label- i don't) and then just knit, .
you'll be hooked in no time, and without doubt you'll find yourself back in that yarn shop, searching for more yarn, before you know what's happened.

Grunge in pink

Pinkish cream oversized grunge sweater

Pinkish cream oversized grunge sweater
I'm really loving this shade, omg, perfect for the spring, and the mix of soft pink with that grunge look is so up my street. This sweater is a size large, so it's a little bit to big and overly over sized for me, but I'll be making myself one before spring hits london.

Cool etsy shop page

One of my teamies on etsy posted this link in our forum,
It's gotta be one of the coolest shop pages I've seen on etsy.
check it out. but make sure you view it in 'gallery' rather than list.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

4 left in this shade

Fawn Chunky Hat . 4 left in this shade

Sadly this shade has been discontinued, i have a small stock of this yarn at home, enough to make another 4 hats. i do have an alternative similar shade waiting in the wings, but the shade is a bit colder in tone, not as warm and cozy as this little fave.