Wednesday, August 3, 2011

something old,something new, something borrowed and something blue

Charcoal and Slate Luxury Shawl LTD Availability
Blue Splash poncho/cape Last one in this shade
sapphire blue summer poncho

No I'm not getting married, :)
the something old is the blue splash, i found it in my stock cupboard today, and thought oh I forgot I had that, so I've listed it,
Something new, is the blue summer poncho,
something borrowed is the charcoal cape (new images)
and well you can guess the something blue.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Velvet red chunky hat
Velvet red chunky hat
Apple Green Ribbon Poncho Cape
Apple Green Ribbon Poncho Cape

I feel Refreshed this week, this is because since Friday, the sun has shone in London none stop, such bliss, it's now Tuesday, and still we have sun,
I feel like I've had a weeks holiday despite working 16 hour days, But how nice it is to take my work outside and feel those warm rays.

Sadly rain and storms are expected from tomorrow onwards, just in time for my journey to Wales this weekend, to spend some relaxing time with my family, which is long overdue.

Hope you like the new 'Refreshed' images.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leg Warmers

caramel pink ballet leg warmers
caramel pink ballet leg warmers
caramel pink ballet leg warmers

This week I had a custom order for some leg warmers, funnily enough this is something I've never knitted up before.
I figured I'd need some lovely images of a these warmers before they went in the mail tomorrow, I had an image in my head that they should be on a dancers foot, wearing ballet shoes, So this morning I headed of to my local dance studio, I checked out the ballet class, (which I'm now tempted to join on sunday mornings) however, most of the dancers where older ladies with rather large ankles ~(sorry I have nothing against this, but I needed a slim young leg, to capture that image in my head) . , Luckily on my way out, i looked in one of the other studios, ~(it's very much a dance studio where professional dancers rehearse for major shows ) and there I saw these dainty little pink feet, and thought she's just perfect, and to my surprise and luck, she was happy to oblige me in my request to capture some images.
So I'm totally happy this evening with these rather beautiful ballet shoe/leg warmer shots.