Saturday, March 20, 2010

another tick on my todo list

This is a little summer scarf, well actually I made one for myself during the winter, so it could tuck under the lapels on my jacket, and then I'd wear another scarf, loosely wrapped around my neck, making a double layered scarf, and it works and looks fabulous, So having test run it myself, and giving it 100% quality / design control, I knocked this one up yesterday.
It's a light weight, small little piece, that will fit in your purse for handy access, or to just accessorise your spring outfit, with a fibre statement piece necklace. The colours in this yarn, and the loose weave are reminding me very much of the neck pieces that the Maasai wear.
I'll be making a few more in other colours in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sample top
So this is that lovely coral red cotton yarn, Last night I stayed up very late to finish this. This one is just the sample, i'll probably make future ones a little longer, so it sits just on the hips, rather than just above the hips. I'm liking the simplicity of the top, But most of all i love the colour, which will look utterly lovely in the summer when the skin is glowing with a little suntan.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

tweed effect

I think from the time I began this poncho to completing it yesterday, it took about 3 months.
I'd knitted the first 10 rows, only to need the remaining yarn for something else - which needed finishing more urgently. then as life goes, one thing then another kept me from finishing it. So yesterday, despite having orders to complete, I really was getting brain pains from all the unfinished projects, So I set about finishing them. This is one completed project ticked of the 'to do list', hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to photograph some others to share with you.