Saturday, January 30, 2010

silver grey cropped wrap cardi

I just finished knitting this wrap cardi in the silver/grey yarn that's been sat here in my stash for months, thank heavens a customer asked for my oatmeal version in a grey, this meant not only was I able to free up a tiny space in my stash for more yarn, it also meant I was at long last going to see the cardi finished in a grey. It's just as lovely as the oatmeal, a great neutral shade, and such a comfy cardi, I'm so going to have myself one of these for the spring.

Today I had to do a quick run to a great little wool shop in Battersea, 'Honer Parry' earlier this week I was desperately looking for a yarn which I'd run out of, but needed just a ball to complete the order, problem being the internet was showing up no results for the shade I needed, at some point whilst I was dropping off to sleep that night I remembered Honer Parry, it's the kind of yarn shop that has balls of yarn in every nook and cranny. I figured if there was anywhere I was going to find this yarn, it would be there. A quick telephone call the next morning to enquire, holding my breath whilst the owner had a search, and promptly returned to tell me she had 2 in the shade I was looking for. Whoppee Thank heavens, So today I picked up my 2 balls of yarn, along with about another 10 balls of assorted loveliness, and after interrupting a small knitting group I came away inspired to use a yarn I've stayed way clear of in the past. So when I get me some free time, I'll show you the results of my quick yarn trip.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Black hoodie

So here's another one of my hoodies but in a black, I thought It would look a little to harsh in such a dark colour, but surprisingly I really like it. This exact one is heading out to the states to keep my lovely customer all cozy and snug.

And I'm feeling Good..

Yeah this morning I'm feeling good, After sitting back down after preparing some fresh coffee I noticed my Yellow Chunky hat was on the Etsy FP and got nearly 1,200 views. So that's started my morning off pretty nicely.

In other news this week, I've had a request to send a 'gift item' to Pixie Lott, for a photo shoot this weekend, It means I won't be getting the garment back hence the word 'Gift' but if what I send gets used in promotions or such, and iLE AiYE is credited, then it's well worth the effort. So with my ever demishing stock of ready to ship items, I'm going to be sending the yellow shrug above. Keep ya fingers crossed for me.