Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is work in progress, I've sorted out the sleeve detail, the patch elbow, the button on the wrist, and the point at the end, just kissing the hand. now I'm working on some front coverage to this shrug/pair of sleeves. it'll probably include some leather.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeling a bit glum

Well it might be that it's not been sunny for what, all of 5 days now, or it might be because a certain somebody 'she knows who she is' is still persistent on encroaching, doesn't she have any shame. It might also be, because i want some chocolate, but can't be bothered to go out, or it might be cause I'm tired.

But today i feel glum.
This is what I knitted, this morning. before the birds were singing, and those bloody heathrow planes started coming in.

One good thing about today, I was on the Front Page of Etsy at 5am, in a stunning treasury. I got 69 shop hearts, and nearly 1500 views, and item hearts on my first page were 70plus, this might not mean anything to some of my readers, but to me this morning, it was a joy to sip my coffee to.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Supply Shopping

Today I've been supply shopping, well all week I've been stocking up on beads, leather hardware, and yarn, via the internet, but today I had to visit some places in town where I know I can't order via the net, like the little button store in Shepherds Bush Market, and the fabric shop across from there , some yarn from a great little shop in Brixton. As well as a dash into The Brixton Health Store for some Dried Herbs, (30p for an ounce of Chives, 25p for course ground pepper, 20p for ground coriander ) I spent £4.00 on such herbs. and I'm not joking I have a bag full of amazing smelling food stuffs.
Talking of food stuffs, timi and I had a lovely snack in a Lebanese cafe, washed down with a pot of fresh mint tea.
Tomorrow I will be heading to Soho to the bead shop, and Great Portland street to Morplan for some brown paper bags and bits, then if I'm lucky I'll find the leather hardware shop, that exists somewhere amongst those tiny soho streets.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Classic

This is one of my old classic designs, I was looking at some images of my older designs, about a month ago, and was surprised at how sexy this little cape looked, and the image was of the cape on a tailor's dummy, hence, if it could make a tailor's dummy look good, then it was definitely going to make a women look good.

So I searched for some yarn, and found this, I don't normally use acrylic yarns, but as this is a tweed, oatmeal effect I figured it would work, and I'm pleased to say, 'yep - classic & sexy',

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's been in my head for ages

I bought this fabric months ago, and knew then, that it would look lovely, matched with the black pig skin trim and handle.
I'm not at all disappointed with the result, the material and the skin work lovely together, a slim ,classic looking shoulder bag. Just perfect for a pretty, little, working city girl.
Although to be honest these pictures are pretty awful, and don't show the textures, or depth of colour.

What a lovely day

So yesterday the Streatham festival, threatend to be a bit of a wash out. Just an hour after setting up, the rain clouds hovered above us for about 10 minutes, it involved a quick dash to cover the stock, and take cover under a nearby tree.

Just as quickly as it came, thankfully it left, and from then on in, it was a glorious sunny day, filled with great music, entertainment, friendly happy people and lots of sales.