Saturday, July 2, 2011

More shades available

Black oversized grunge sweater
royal dusky blue short sleeved bamboo shrug

So here's the Dark blue bamboo yarn, nice isn't it. :)
And just before I mailed the Black grunge out, I caught a few images of it,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bag shopping

Romy Shopper Vintage Helvi Maxi Bag
So one of my favourite stores is having an online sale, with upto 50% off,
I've had my eye on these bags for around 9 months, and saved my pennies waiting for the sale to come up. They're both made from the lushious of leather, and are both fairly large bags, I like big bags, even though I don't carry very much in them. with free shipping, and such a tempting sale I think the day has come to decide.

Winter stock

Back in January I told myself to knit one hat a day so I could build up stock for the winter, Which had I carried this out, might give me some slack during the winter months, when it gets reallybusy.
This happens to be the first hat I've managed to knit, and we are now almost in July, :))
better late than never hey.

Brown bamboo

Chocolate Brown Bamboo Short sleeved shrug
Chocolate Brown Bamboo Short sleeved shrug

so here's the brown bamboo knitted up, on it's way is a strong blue, This time a customer requested the extra new shade, so I had a really solid excuse to order another colour, smiles happily.

Hair cutting news, as you can see I've not had much taken off the length, in fact Mr iLE AiYE and my son can't really tell that I've had a hair cut at all, I think once I've washed it myself and got rid of the salons hair smoothing product, then I'll really see the result. but I think right now I'm kind of happy, at least it looks healthier.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OK so I'm weak

Honestly if yarn had calories I'm be humongous, I just can't say no, and that little voice in my head just keeps taunting me until I say 'oh ok then'. can you see where this is going, I'm admitting I have a problem, and after stating I was only going to work with 5 shades of the bamboo yarn, I've gone and upt it to 7, cause I was weak and bought this lovely shade of brown, and the delicate spring green.
Now i just need to find a spare minute to knit them up. :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

If you want to have a wild dance you need to watch this.

I've been glued to my Iphone this weekend watching all the highlights from the Glastonbury festival,
what fun. If I didn't have to share a toilet with a hundred thousand or so other people, I'd have whisked myself off for a weekend of pure craziness, anyway, out of all the bands shown on BBC Iplayer, Janelle Monae was by far the most enjoyable, pure entertainment. This link was the last track of her set, which had built up from a funky time, to a perfectly wild ending.