Thursday, August 11, 2011

it's all new

pink blush summer loose weave shrug
pink blush summer loose weave shrug
Electric blue chunkier hat

A new shade and yarn for the summer shrugs, along with a slimmer more open weaved designed.
A new hat shade. in Electric blue.
and this is my new jacket, bought during my shopping trip with my mum. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A quick snap

I can be so useless at times, during my visit home I had taken my camera, but I was totally lame in using it, except for trying to capture this image of the mountain which I grew up on, (my son was driving the car, and this is the best I could do) I used to walk up and down those hills at least twice a day, once for a paper round, the other for school, I could even cycle up that mountain when I was younger. The sea is where I hung out during the summer, so this image as bad as it is, is kind of special to me.

Some new yarn

Dream Red summer shrug
Dream Red summer shrug
I'm just back from a short trip visiting my family in Wales, how I love being with them, it just rejuvenates my soul, Mum and I took a trip on Sunday to a local woollen mill, which is my favourite kind of shopping,(well I kind of liked the shopping trip we took on Monday where I bought a new pair of boots and a leather jacket) anyway back to the wool shopping.. amongst the lovely new yarns I found, this red, I couldn't resist it because it's absolutely a true pure red. and if you can see, it has an eyelash detail running through.
I picked up a green version, and a burnt orange to. so these will come later in the week.