Saturday, September 26, 2009

etsy FP on 23rd sept.

it's all orange

This is the orange hat, that I hoped to knit up last week, this morning was the first chance, (cept I had to steal the time from somewhere) to knit it up. I like it, it brightens up an outfit,

PARIS here I come

So having spent over two months almost glued to my seat, knitting, this week I figured enough was enough, So Eurostar website, serviced me with two return tickets to PARIS, oh yeah. I'll still be stuck to my seat for another few weeks, but towards the end of October, I'm taking a day off, and heading for the streets, shops, coffee, patisseries and of course the atmosphere of Paris.

I can't wait.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I didn't think it possible

So 22nd September and I've just broken my previous record month (august 2009) this rust hat is responsible for my 101 september sale. :-)) with still 8 days of the month to go, I wonder what the final figure will be come the end of the day on 30th.

etsy FP 21/9/09

I joined the Full Time Etsy Crafters team last december, it's nice being part of team on Etsy, with like minded people, and crafters/artists who are selling their wares as a full time occupation, I've had a lot of support over various matters, from pricing, scheduling, copycats, social networking, wholesale accounts, and basically anything that we girls want to chat about.
The above treasury was created by one of my team mates StudioElan check out her shop here

This treasury made it to the FP for half an hour on Monday evening, between i think 6.30 - 7.000pm local time, I got over 2,000 views, whoppeee. ;-) and a sale.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New yarns, but not new designs

So this weekend, I just had to get some of the yarns that had been sat in my sitting room waiting to be knitted, actually knitted up. it was driving me crazy. The poncho at the bottom, is a shade I hadn't bought or used before, but in recent weeks a similar shade but all grey has been selling furiously in my store. I' think I've bought every last bit of that grey yarn off the Internet. but this cobble version I know is available still, so I just had to see if it was going to be popular.
Well five minutes after listing it on etsy, it was sold. My god was someone waiting for it or something. ;-) so off I trot to explore the Internet and purchase every last ball of this shade, it's hard work this you know. hehe
Oh the shurg at the top is a new shade, I really like it, when I put it on this morning for timi to take some pictures, he was like wow you look lurvy. it's probably due to the fact I'd had a bath, washed my hair and spruced myself up a tad, cause I've been working hard the last few days and had looked a bit drab .