Saturday, August 15, 2009

Etsy FP 14/8/09

This was on Etsy FP yesterday at around 4pm local time, the stats were good, over a 1,000 views, I think 14 item hearts, and the overall product hearts on my first page were huge. so yeah I'm a happy girl.

Today I'm off out to see my friend, her new home, and to cook with a BBQ, I'm looking forward to sitting around chatting, and generally doing girlie tings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

45 hrs in a day

How often do we say i wish I had more hours in a day. How do you fancy a 45 hour day.

Well running an Internet business gives you just that, when I'm knitting my mind goes off in all sorts of angles. This mornings angle was time. and whilst I seem pushed for time these last few weeks, it brought to mind that my business hours far out way my reality woken hours.

With the Internet being world wide and my store is open 24hrs a day, this means all time zones are wellcome to shop at any minute of the day. So with Australia 12 hours ahead, and the USA 9 hours behind. that basically means I have an extra 21 hours in my day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you Michelle

The lovely Queen Michelle of one of my daily read blogs, has featured my iLE AiYE chunky hat. She's looking mighty cool in it too. Although I'd be boiling hot wearing one mid summer.
Still, I'm not complaining, as she has so many readers, and I've had interest in my work from this feature, so I'm extremely grateful. A new hat is on it's way to Michelle. :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm now ready for bed.

I say I'm ready for bed, not just cause this is a stunning looking bed ah, couldn't you just dream some really sweet dreams tucked up in there.
I could buy it if I had a space $9,600.00 from Yes believe it, you can buy it on etsy.
I digress.
I'm ready for bed, because Yesterday all my plans went to pot. It happens like that sometimes, I had/and still have a mega list of knitting to do, but at 5pm in the evening, my darling timi, said he'd like to go out and visit his brother, and did I want to come, Well his brother and him can talk, so I thought yeah, I'll just take my knitting and laptop. easy.
The evening consisted of a 4 hour conversation about CAUSE AND EFFECT. I told you they could talk. But I like that subject so I jumped right in. -hardly any knitting was done -
At 11pm we realised we hadn't eaten, so Chuck dished us all up a stir fry. yummy. next minute it was 2.30am. ARGGHH.
I had no choice when I reached home, if I slept I'd wake up feeling like phoo, and hardly anything would get done, So I made myself a strong coffee, and yes at 3am I began knitting, It's now almost 6pm Monday evening, and I'm whacked, But the knitting is done, the orders are in the post, and dinner is in the oven. and my bed is calling me. but surprisingly I don't feel like phoo. :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Development, I just wanted to share with you how a design develops

This was my first waistcoat back in 2006 (I think it was) and it's still selling well. Simple, clean, and versatile Next came this one, not so versatile, a little more snug, but clearly looking more waistcoat'ish
It closes' with a leather strap. Not so popular online, but it was a good seller at art fayres. Perhaps I'll knit up some other colours again.

Then we have this one, My latest design, and I think my favourite of all three.

can you see how it's developed. Good in-it.

Someone mentioned Karma today

AmiDesigns talks about Karma today on her blog, Well done by the way on the sales, and the weekend deal promo.

So having read Ami's blog, it prompted me to think about what karma must be passing by my little door.

In the last two weeks i've made about 70 or more sales, almost 20 of those are cardigans, mostly the kimono style. Lot's of kimono shrugs, ponchos, MY new waistcoat and some click it collars.

Not to mention lots of Front Page action on Etsy, with MY Plum Waistcoat, which generates exposure.

I generally try to keep my little world free of bad vibes, I don't bring trouble to peoples doors, (unless they are blatently bringing it to mine) I create in my own UNIQUE style, in MY way. and I DON'T IMMITATE.

So maybe along with the spirits in heaven that help me to have a very happy life, and my life moto 'Do unto others as you would have done unto you' I too am carrying some good design/sale karma. Along with happy life and love karma.

I truely feel looked after. :-)