Wednesday, April 21, 2010

just a couple of new shades for summer

Are your feeling the summer love yet. ;-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little preview

So as I have a little more time on my hands, I figured I'd share the process of my next project,
This is a sleeve, it is...
My initial thoughts were to make a jumper, using some of my thin yarns which have interesting textures, and to mix them with thicker and sometimes furry yarns. My initial idea is to marry up colours, but on starting I didn't have a specific colour other than the two furry yarns in mind, So after casting on the fawn fur, I followed up with the bottle green alpaca, then a brown nubby yarn, followed by an ivory merino yarn weaved with a bottle green nubby yarn, , then I knew the overall jumper I'd want a dash of red and or pink thrown in, so a pink chenille was knitted up next. followed by a mustard and black nubby yarn, at this point in my mind I had to ground the colours, if more colours were added, it would be mass overload, so a goldish/ black fur, followed by a black acrylic, weaved with a gold and bronze thin yarn, finished off the sleeve.
This sleeve is now the basis to the rest of the jumper, it will be a mix of these colours, used in various ways, with various stitches.
I'll start on the torso of the jumper tomorrow, and will probably use the black fur on the hem line, which I'm thinking will have a curve to it. and will be knitted on circular needles. so there won't be any seems, as for the overall look of the jumper, I'm after a sweater that will be perfect for throwing on over a light t.shrit in the summer, or over a turtle neck sweater shirt in the winter, i want it to look loose, feel comfy, and just shout unique, I have a mild vision of the finished sweater, but as always when I knit something new, it's all about how the knit is growing, and when i try it on, for the first time, i see if anything needs added or taking away. I'm a dreadful sketcher, so pre-designs are just not something i do, Basically watch this space for the organic growth of this New Exclusive iLE AiYE sweater, and keep your fingers crossed it doesn't end up in my clearance store. ;-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Etsy FP 19/4/10

This morning I was on the etsy front page, the list is an etsy admin curation,

in other news, London, the UK, and a good deal of Europe is now in it's 5th day of No Flight Zones, due to the ash clouds from the active volcano in Iceland. This is causing all kinds of chaos, Not only for small businesses like myself, where sending out overseas orders is at present not an option, but also for our food supplies coming in from Africa and around the world. the knock on effect is quite enormous,
So please say a little prayer, for this Icelandic volcano to stop spilling out Ash clouds.
Thanks. ;-)