Saturday, November 12, 2011

The end of I've had a mega busy week of sales which has brought upon a quick succession of 'end of line' pieces, The two garments above are all but gone, I have enough to knit just 1 more of each. I'll be listing these again in about a week, but if any of my followers or visitors have had they're eye on these garments then now is the time to request a reserve order. I will be knitting the comfy sweater again in a powder blue, and a kind of plum-ish shade, both will be a limited edition of about 3. and the M2M sweater can of course be knitted in almost any other yarn/shade

Sunday, November 6, 2011

All finished

This morning I did the finishing touches to the custom order Hoodie. I fixed on the patch pocket. This hoodie is knitted from a different yarn to the sample one I created a few weeks back. Both Mr iLE AiYE and my son love it. which is always a good sign, and makes me happy, I think the next one I make will have long sleeves.

A Lilac click with brown leather

This morning I sold the last of the original pink leather strap version of this click it collar. So as quick as a flash i got some images done with the lilac yarn, using the brown leather. a match made in heaven me thinks. :)