Friday, July 9, 2010

OMG this yarn is discontinued

A moment 2 myself  black chunky cardigan

A moment 2 myself  GOLD chunky cardigan

Today my supplier of this yarn, telephoned me to let me know the yarn is being discontinued,
i've obviously bought a substantial amount, but with my limited space for storage, it really does limit the amount of yarn i can buy in.
i'm so grateful to my supplier for giving me a good lead time on this information,
But this doesn't stop me from being ultra sad to see this yarn faze out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good connections.

i am here, i am now, i have no map...
baby with cat T-Shirtbaby with cat Cork Bottom Coaster
glass half full Aluminum Water Bottleglass half full Jumbo Tote Bag

So today I'm bringing you some art/line drawings from a customer of mine, The lady cooking up something yummy in her kitchen, wearing one of my poncho's, in the image above, is responsible for all these wonderful line drawings,
Check out her website, for more interesting visuals, and perhaps consider some personal gifts of your own, ie: a portrait, a fun tote etc.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have so much yarn

Cream cotton shrug, slimline version LTD Edition 3-4 left

About a week ago, i sold 3 of these shrugs in around 24hrs, and was convinced that was the last of the stash I had in stock, Which was a sad moment, cause this yarn is probably the quickest, softest, smoothest yarn to knit with.
And with it being long discontinued i was sure i wouldn't find any more hiding on the internet.
Little did i know I had a pack of 10 balls hiding in my stash, which I quite happily found just now whilst searching for another yarn.
so I'm happy to have another 4 - 5 of these available.