Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh YEAh I'm in.


So I've been holding my breath for a month or so (well not literally of course - that mean I was dead), anyway. My Good friend Mary, who's organising what will be one of the biggest Christmas handmade fayres in London this december at Chelsea town hall. Has just emailed to say she's had a cancellation. whopppeee. I obviously grabbed the opportunity, and taken her up on the spare table. I didn't book it originally as I thought I'd be involved in my own craft fayre at the Ritzy, but due to refurbishment we're now closed.
But leaving it all to fate, a slot has arisen.

So for further info on this fayre, check out if you want some great gifts for crimbo, come along to chelsea town hall next saturday 5th December 11am - 5pm .

I'll now be knitting like a maniac to get some stock together. so 'DO NOT DISTURBED'

Friday, November 27, 2009

New colour for my Wraparound jacket

I've been knitting this over the last couple of days, it's a custom order for a lady in the states.

Why I didn't use this yarn years ago for this jacket, god only knows, it's now a discontinued yarn, so it'll be a limited edition in my store, and of course I'll be making one for myself.
Thankfully, the internet brought up a yarn shop that still has this yarn/shade in stock, so I've just spent a small fortune with them.