Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Breaking all records

So as August 2009 is almost at an end. I'm happy to say, what a record breaking month that was. Sales exceeded 100 from etsy and other hosting sites, with 25 ponchos,20 shrugs, 19 cardigans, headbands, hats, gloves and collars flying off my needles at lightning speed. How I've managed to knit everything I really don't know. I think perhaps fairy dust was sprinkled on my needles.
I've spent a record amount on yarn, and my stash is currently bursting out of every spare crevice of my little flat. for the first time in 4 weeks, my to do list is below 6 items to knit. most days it's been as long as my arm.
Once these 5 parcels go off in the post this afternoon, I have just 3 orders to complete. But the pressure isn't off, I have a huge fayre to do on Monday in Stratford upon Avon. so Saturday and Sunday will see me knitting up stock to sell off the peg.
So a little shout out to the planets, spirits, and karma that brought me such a challenge this august I hope I lived up to their expectations. :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's so funny

This is timi's work space in our sitting room, come studio, our sitting room seems to have gone by the by, since timi has his music/art studio on one side and I have my knitting, leather sewing machine on the other.

This is timi at 8am this morning, he makes me laugh so much, in this picture he's flying his flight simulator. It's a real life flying tutorial, he's even got the real yoke hand set, throttle, and yes the pedels. He always looks so serious, Check out the plane on the screen, I'm so glad I'm not a passenger. :-)))) I think it resembles a flippin rocket launch, more than a plane taking off.

Holiday shrug

I knitted this a little while ago, but just didn't get the chance to take any pictures. Anyway that's all behind me now, cause Jordan got behind the camera yesterday.
A perfect shrug, for those dinner/dance dates.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm so so soooooooooo happy with my new top.
This is what my customer had to say, when she saw the images.
'im jumping because of happyness! i loooooove what you made!!you are gorgeous!!(and by the way: you look loke a model! veeeery pretty!!)

So Apart from teaching myself some new techniques, I've found myself a new style. Which is going to be seen a fair bit in my store in the months to come. I'm pretty sure some of my hip customers are going to love these, I'm not sure if I'll re-nit this exact same tank again, ( wish I was young enough to wear one), but the netting effect will deffinately be used.

I'm loving the yarn that I choose, it's heavy and thick, with a great sheen to it. As for the ultra thin yarn I've got the biggest spool of this, so there's no worries of ever running out.
I'm going to try other colour mixes, and styles. just as soon as I have gotton some of my other ideas out of my head and onto my needles.
Watch this space. :-)))))))