Friday, September 30, 2011

it's 100% wool

Buttercup yellow chunky 100% pure new wool hat

This buttercup yellow hat is 100% wool, born and bread in the UK.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Yeah i just found some more of this yarn

indigo kimono sleeved shrug

and I managed to capture some perfect images of the shade, This has been a really difficult shade to photograph.

New boots and new image

Fushia Chunky hat
Milk Chocolate Brown Chunky Hat

I found a new spot for taking some of my images, which I'm kind of liking cause I can sit down :)
and here are my new boots, which I'm thrilled with, :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New stone coloured chunky hat

NEW Stone Neutral coloured Chunky Hat . Ready to ship
Fawn /stone Chunky Hat . Ready to ship

this shade is very similar to the discontinued fawn hat, expect the tone is a little lighter not so warm as the fawn.  Seems to be a great neutral shade that will just about go with any colours from your autumn winter wardrobe.

You might already know, but I'm a sucker


I've just bought these on-line.
 for a few years now, I've been a bit off on wearing black boots, but recently I pulled out a pair of black boots that I've had for nearly 20years, and have totally fallen in love with them again.  So before I wear them out for good, I went a searching. For now I've found these, delivery is tomorrow, and I'm praying they fit nicely into my upper ankle, and don't have that annoying gap between leg and boot.