Friday, August 27, 2010

This weekends project

iLE AiYE Exclusive range - Black Net tank top

So I've been up since 2.30am, as I've a lot todo this weekend, Some I can share with you, whilst another I have to hold my tongue until Wednesday when all will be revealed,
We have a long weekend ahead as Monday is a bank holiday, so tomorrow I'm off to visit my sister over in Devon, which means today and Monday I'll be knitting my fingers raw.

My lovely Girlfriend Renee requested a halter-neck dress using the same net technique as my tank top above, Renee is a singer so I suspect she'll be strutting her stuff on stage sometime in the coming month wearing an iLE AiYE dress, which is pretty exciting for me.
Hopefully she won't mind if I grab a few images of her wearing the finished results, when she pops round next week to collect it.

One nice thing this morning, is, we have sunshine, first time in about a month.

And the WINNER IS....

Di - Spring green hat.

Well done, I'll be posting it out tomorrow, I need to knit it up.;-))

the video of the draw is available here to view.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Click IT a new shade

Turquoise click-it Collar

This week I've added a new shade to my 'click it' collars, this is a gorgeous dusky turquoise, the image doesn't quite show the warmth of this colour, I find it really tricky describing a colour, and with everyone having a different screen resolution, this makes it more difficult share. A handy tool to use is this I'd match the collar to what this tool describes as polo blue, but who on earth would know what colour polo blue was??

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

only 2 left in this shade

Red Firefly poncho Ltd Edition 2 -3 left

I found this yarn again during my trip to Wales in the summer, it's a discontinued yarn, so pretty hard to come across these days, I bought enough to make about 8 more, however, it appears the balls I bought are coming up short, and so I'm having to use more balls per poncho, so this is number 1, and now it looks like I can only make 2 more.

Longer version of the black swing

I've been working on a longer version of the original black swing cardi, this one is now more like the chelsea jacket, but finally with arms, it swings a little better than the original chelsea jacket, due to the yarn that I've used ie: a looser stitching, and different stitch. This jacket was a custom order, despite it looking like a fairly simply swing jacket it's quite time consuming to finish, as the yarn is a bugger to stitch together, and I already have a lot of garments that take up a lot of time, pretty soon, I'm gonna end up running clear out of time. ;-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Shades coming soon

Felted tweed merino Winter long sleeve shrug in slate grey

With Autumn hot on the heals of summer, i've just ordered some new shades to re-create the felted tweed merino shrug. I'm looking forward to seeing the red shade as I do love a little bit of red.