Saturday, May 21, 2011

OOAK sweater

This sweater I knitted up for a regular customer of mine, she provided the yarn, I did the knitting.
However, once it was knitted she decided to go with her original choice of the Cream chunky sweater, as she was after a perky little sweater, the drape on this bamboo was a bit to loose and not perky enough for her.
So I'll be listing this sweater in my store sometime over the weekend. it's an original, one of a kind.

Last of my holiday knitting

Lavender Merino Waistcoat 2 -3 left

So my holiday knitting is now behind me, and I've had to hit the ground running, as I have a huge number of orders to crack on with,
This is a new shade I found on the net, in the merino yarn, I have enough for 2 or 3 waistcoats, after which it's all gone.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

RED hot

Two more pieces,
a stunning true red loose weave shrug, and a black slinky halter neck top, both knitted with an eco fair trade cotton.
This afternoon, I did some shopping, and got myself a crazy cool pair of boyfriend style trousers in a dark brown silk, I'm in lurve :)
Also the sun shone all afternoon, so Mr iLE AiYE and I had a coffee and a bite to eat in chelsea, it was a nice chilled afternoon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

some more staple pieces

Terracotta red summer poncho
Terracotta red summer poncho
Soft Pink Summer Shrug
Soft Pink Summer Shrug

This is my first day of my holidays, and what do I do, KNIT.
I came to the conclusion a few hours in, that working from home, doesn't really lend itself to having a holiday, unless of course you're taking a trip, well the weather in london is dull, so I've decided, I'll knit up some staple garments today and tomorrow, inbetween a cinema trip, sleeping and catching up on paper work, as for the 3rd day of my holiday I'm going to bank it until the sun shines bright, (who knows when that will be) then I'll jump in my convertible, and head for the sea.

The poncho at the top is a stunning orange red, the yarn is a mix of cotton and linen, and has an unusual sheen which is running through the yarn in sporadic stages.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A new shade for the summer shrug

Ivory white summer shrug
Ivory white summer shrug
Ivory white summer shrug

Made from a luxury blend of mohair and silk, this yarn is weightless on the skin, it just kisses it softly, I figured with wedding season totally upon us, I should knit this yarn up before I forget I even have it.
next up is a light pink version, which I plan to do during my 3 day break, The weather forecast is pretty dull, (typical) so I'm sure I'll have some time to play with some of those patient yarns in my stash. :)