Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tassel overload

During my shopping trip on Sunday, i found this lovely brown fitting leather jacket. (yes at the moment i'm obsessed with purchasing jackets) anyway, whilst the shaping and colour of the jacket is almost perfect, those tassels just have to go.
Luckily the braiding which the tassels sit under, lifts up on one side which means with a good pair of scissors the tassels can be removed with ease.
So on today's 'to-do' list, i will be removing the said tassels. and fear not, those redundant tassels will be recycled to make some hair barrettes, and other lovely leather accessories, which in turn will hopefully refund me the cost of the leather jacket.

Monday, February 15, 2010


last week i was invited to join a new team that was going through the jury stage of setting up, on etsy, The Artisans Gallery Team, went live yesterday evening, and OMG this team has the cream of the crop.. So i'm utterly delighted to have been nominated and chosen to sit amongst some very talented artisans. This is there blog link which has a list of the members along the right hand side of the screen, and i'm very proud to be amongst that list.

Retail theraphy

AOld Spitalfields Market photo
yesterday me and Mr iLE AiYE spent the morning and afternoon wandering around Spitalfields market, a market full of unique oddities, lovely food, urban fashion, and coffee shops.
a few stalls really caught my my eye, like who mixes fused glass with leather, creating some lovely bags and belts. Also who mixes Old English kings and queen images with leather and some great ladies neckties.
Image of leather Handbag LB02
Image of Scarf/Neck tie NT04

This is a little jacket i bought for myself. from
And some lovely natural coloured jewellery by