Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm having a give away

Warm dusky pink chunky hat

As we're quickly moving into Autumn, I figured now is the time to have a give-away.
I'm offering 1 free hat, the winner, who can choose any colour/shade from my stock of hats excludes the ltd edition hats - the ones where I have marked on my listing only 1 or 2 or 3 left.
Otherwise the rest of the colour range is up for grabs.

To enter, you just need to 'comment' on this post with your name, your choice of colour, and 'follow' my blog.
I'll be drawing the names from a 'HAT' sometime in the afternoon of Friday 27th August
Good luck...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Do you need a new banner

Here's a free online software, that will help you create a new banner, especially helpful for any Etsy store owners, with the new wider pages that are rolling out.

Last pair with this dusky pink frill.

Pink cashmere frill on grey romantic gloves Last Pair in this shade

Yep sadly these are the last ones with this lovely dusky pink frill. I have another shade of pink, but it's a brighter pink, not quite so subtle.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Don't you just wish you knew more men that wore cuff links

Calendar Cuff Links
DJ Turntable Cuff Links Volkswagen Magic Bus Links 5 Speed Stick Shift Cuff Links Airplane Propeller in Red Cuff Links
Light Switch Cuff Links Keep it Level Cuff Links Time is On Your Side Hour Glass Cuff Links Schools Out Yellow School Bus Cuff Links
Blink photo is a sweet shop of cuff links with something like 200 different designs to choose from you're sure to find that perfect treat for the man in your life, and if you don't find what you'd like, Blink photo are open to custom orders.
I so wish I had a shirt that needed cufflinks, I think my favourites are the on/off switch.
and the calender

How nice

Recycled Skateboard Roar Stud Earrings
I featured this seller on my blog a few months ago cause I just loved that she was recycling skate boards, to make jewellery, earing, bangles, necklaces etc. what a great gift for teenagers, and in my case for boys in their forties who still love to skate. Today I noticed Etsy have her as their Featured Seller. you can read more here

New Brown Gloves
These are about to head off to the post office, so i took a quick picture before they depart, and for those regular visitors to my blog, remember that leather jacket which was inundated with tassels, yes this is the jacket, tassel-less.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Purple hat

Deep purple chunky hat
Deep purple chunky hat

Arrgghh you can't really see in these images just how purple this hat is, but it's so purple it was making my mouth water whilst knitting it, you know it reminds me of the purple wrapped sweet in the quality street tins
OMG and now these links to sweets, are not helping.

New Esty shop view PREVIEW

Etsy have been making changes to the way we view and operate our stores,

This is all due to go live in the near future, however, for a sneaky preview, if you follow this link, you can see what my store will look like in a couple of weeks once the changes are public.

if you're an etsy seller and want to see what your shop will look like, just add this
to the end of your shop url