Saturday, November 6, 2010


I had enough yarn.

Coming soon hopefully today

I spent last night knitting up a new jumper,
With any luck I've got enough yarn to finish off the back section this morning, I have another ball on order, so perhaps the postman will bring it for me today. (fingers crossed.)

The sleeves, are extra long, coming down to the tip of the fingers, I've also put a thumb hole in the cuff area.
The yarn 70% wool, 30% acrylic, is a really lovely dusky pea green shade with a slight brown/fawn shade running through. it'll also be available in black, grey, cream, brown, and a creamy pink.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

No photographer today

Today I was lacking in photography help, my son is out of town, on a training course, so short of doing acrobatics in order to get some images of me wearing these, I had to relay on my old faithfulls.
The hats are 100% wool, the mustard one is exactly the same shade as the jacket which I knitted at the weekend, As it's difficult to find good super chunky yarns in pure wool, these hats are made up from 3 strands of yarn knitted together. Making the finished product quite pricey. But super luxurious.
The chocolate cowl, a merino blend, ever so soft, and knitted in a fairly loose weave.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Shade for my loose weave shrugs

This little black number is heading off to a customer in the UK later today,
Why I've not knitted this style in black cotton before, who knows.....
I have it in a black mohair, but this cotton, is just perfect.

I'm also working on a new collar / loose weave-ish scarflette as per the image at the top.
I've been wearing this one all weekend, its incredibly warm.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I went with the jacket

I decided to go with the jacket in the end, as this is for ME, the images aren't coming out to well, it's really cloudy in london today, so the colour is looking really dull, and you just can't tell how chunky the yarn is, believe me, it's nice and chunky, warm, and ever so comfy.
I'm going to give it a weather check this afternoon, as I need to head out for an hour, so I'll see how it wears up to the autumn temps.