Saturday, August 7, 2010


ok I think I'm happy, I've put a leather strap on the back, which has given the cardigan the shaping I was after, so now I just have to knit the last arm. and then I can sleep.

So the wide belt I'm not liking, it give it an older/dated look, not contemporary enough,
The contrasting cord (but I've used cream yarn just for now) isn't bad, and maybe when the arms are on, and being worn by a human, with a black top on underneath it'll look better,
or Maybe I should have a nap, and come back to it. cause right now, it's just not happening for me.

work in progess

so I'm currently working on this new sweater / cardigan, the arms are yet to be attached, but my dilemma is the leather straps, I like the idea of having brown straps, but in reality I don't think these straps are working with the overall look, I might have a go with some black ones instead, or some knitted alternative, or perhaps leather cord, that wraps around the button, I'll post some more images as I go along.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last one

Navy blue chunky hat last one in this shade
This is the last Navy blue chunky hat, this yarn was discontinued a long time ago, I have just enough in my stash to knit up this last one.

Only 1 - 2 left

Blue peru Poncho /cape LTD Edition approximately 2 left

Just letting you all know, I'm almost out of this shade, I have enough to make 2 more poncho's, but I'm probably going make one for myself, as this shade is perfect for my colouring, so this means I might be only selling one more of these.

sunshine gloves

Who doesn't love a little yellow to add some sunshine to your day.
Yes it's bright, and tends to keep catching your eye when wearing against the darker tones in life, but wow doesn't a dash of colour just do something to an otherwise monotone outfit.

These are part of a ltd edition, as the yellow cashmere frill yarn is long discontinued, I expect I can make about 5 more pairs.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

in Vogue

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This morning I have the headache from hell, I've taken a pill to relieve the pounding, and then through my door via the postman, came another pill in the form of this months Vogue, which has my iLE AiYE wraparound jacket featured in the catwalk collection, This clearly made me feel a little better, so having not browsed through a Vogue mag for many years, I thought I'd sit with a cup of tea and take a few minutes to absorb the wonders of the designs, sadly my headache wasn't allowing me to be inspired.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hood ON or Hood OFF

So the final stages of this sweater are complete, sadly the yarn was rapidly running out, after knitting up the scarf/lapel, the last section was to make a hood, with such little yarn to play with, the hood turned out a little snug, it doesn't feel tight or uncomfortable, but perhaps isn't quite a roomy as I'd hoped, but having said that, when the need for a hood arises, the last thing you want is that cold wind getting in through open gaps, so it's a tricking decision. Hood ON or Hood OFF. as of now the hood is off, I took these images to get an idea of what it will look like if the hood is on.
Personally I think I'd go for the hood ON.