Friday, July 17, 2009

Just because

All Done

Wow I'm storming through it today, T.shirt is done, and will be listed in oddsandsods later today.

So I'm half way there

So I've been working on some front coverage for the 'sleeves', which I posted earlier this week, I know the finished result needs to be slender, nothing to fancy, as the sleeves are themselves slender and not fancy. I've come up with this so far, and I'm rather pleased with it, although it still needs some development, as it's not quite doing the job I want it to do, ie cover the armpit and chest area. Back to my needles I think.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Good

Well I'm happy to say this week I sold my musical halterneck t.shirt over on my oddsandsods site on etsy.

I love these halternecks, so it gave me a good excuse to start making a new one.

This is work in progress, I thought I'd show you, step by step, although I didn't quite capture the pattern cutting, or the pencil line drawing, but to be honest, it only involved a pair of scissors and pencil.
When the ink is dry, I will hold an iron just above the ink, to allow the heat to react with the ink, and like magic, the ink will puff up, into a 3d effect.

The tune on this one is 'feeling good' by nina simone, you know the one that starts 'Birds flying high' baby you know how I feel. that one.

Well these musical notes make up those first two bars. test it on a piano if you don't believe me :-)

I'll post piccies tomorrow when it's finished, so you can see what it looks like on.

A moment 2 myself

This morning, I knitted up this cardigan, especially for me. to keep, for my birthday which is tomorrow. :-) 17th July.

I don't actually own a black cardigan. I own lots of cardigans, but not a black one. Funny that.

So the only answer and cheapest, was to knit one up myself. So I took a moment,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here's the neckscarf

No I havn't sewn the waistcoat yet. gosh give me a minute already.
But Between jordan and i we took some pictures of the scarf today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a little note

This little music note book/necklace is from a quirky little store on etsy, you can follow the link to see more. Although her store is closed until the 20th July. but you can check out her sold items in the meantime.

Today i've just been sewing, whilst listening to some music, (temptations, stevie, and some randy crawford). I'm attempting a silk waistcoat. in a dogtooth fabric, a silk weave. It sews really easily, so it's fun, mind you, so far I've only attempted the neck scarf which I'll pair it with, but I have cut the pattern for the waistcoat.

Now I Just have to hope that those pieces don't sit there for months before I get up the nerve to stitch them together. :-)

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Headache

No not the migraine kind, just the fixing of those flipping straps, Anyway, the test has been done, and now I know how to go about the next one, with a little more ease. More than anything it's my phobia with the sewing machine, despite using it for all manner of things, It is a machine and it is temperamental. I will concur it, but I much prefer those big cylinder arm leather machines. I can't wait to buy one.

I got Jordan infront of the camera for a change

His initial reaction was, omg, mum nooooo. But then I saw a twinkle in his eye, and within a split second, he put this collar on, and let me take some piccies.

Bless his little loveliness.

Sunday, July 12, 2009