Thursday, April 16, 2009


That's what would be sung (well maybe no exactly sung, more repeated in a kind of harmonic mean and nasty way) in school playgrounds across the country. When a girl would come with the same pencil case, or the same socks, or the same headband. copy cat, copy cat

So obviously some people copy, and other people create. Those that copy will never feel the depths of despair like a creator /designer does when they see their designs blatantly copied, and publicly announced as theirs (-the copiers)

This has happened to me more than once, in different environments, from art fayres, to online selling.

I bring this up today, as I'm currently bringing my blood pressure back down, I'm stopping my heart from beating like a manic drum, and soothing my head, from the rush of blood that has been travelling through my body at 100miles an hour, for the good part of this afternoon.

I like to think of myself as a graceful person, so i will not be exposing the person responsible for my body reacting the way that it has this afternoon, and I will not be showing pictures, of the said designs that have been copied.

But please if you are a maker, always remember a designer is somebody who creates something honestly, your soul, your mind and every inch of you has gone into creating your piece. BUT if you are a maker, who snoops at peoples designs, and studies it, then goes off and makes it, and whilst creating it convinces themselves it's there's and it's new, and it's going to sell, then you my dear are a COPYCAT.


Marmalady said...

Before calling copycat, it is well to remember the facts of "Dennis the Menace"
There are two versions -- one in the UK, one in the USA by totally different authors -- both about little boys called Dennis who are a menace and get into trouble
When breach of copyright was claimed -- it was discovered that by chance, both authors had copyrighted their creation on the same day but on different sides of the Atlantic -- no copying had taken place.
It is possible for 2 designers to come up with very similar designs independantly.

cherylline said...

I would agree with this comment Marmalady. In those contents.
However, Had the UK Denis the menace been published and selling extremely well for almost a year, and then a year later the USA Denis the Menace had been published. then I think the Copyright for the UK would have without fail been the original owner of Denise the Menace.

The Birch Tree said...

It is also worth remembering that we are often not as unique as we think we are.

Anonymous said...

this is difficult territory. i design and make jewellery but i guess there are only a certain number of ways to combine things and sooner or later, creative like minds will bump into one another having produced an original and yet similar design.