Friday, May 15, 2009

I wonder what you'll make of this.

Yesterday I was in an experimental mood, I'd had this design on my mind for some time, but as usual with me, I think about it for a while befor I tackle the task. Yesterday morning I tackled it. Personally I think it's going to look great on some slim 20 something, wearing skinny jeans, high healed boots, and a slinky top underneath.

Please feel free to comment, I love to hear the pro's and cons .

Umm and I might attempt this in leather. ??


Bigbluebed said...

I love it! You are right it will look gorgeous on the young slim woman.

AMIdesigns said...

If only I were a slim 20 year in a slinky top I would wear it! I have tagged you if you want to check out my blog :)