Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mood swings

Just as my mood swings - well I am a Cancerian, and this is one of our traits,- So it appears do my designs. In complete contrast to my 'detachable sweat' Here is my Kimono Cardigan version 3.

It's funny even though I was knitting these garments simultaneously, (well I like to have more than one garment on my needles at once) it wasn't until I listed them on the same day that it struck me, what a complete contrast between both garments, The sweater being all punk rock, whilst the kimono is all soft and girlie.
Anyway whilst i ponder over that, I'll also be celebrating, as within 48hrs of listing this kimono in my store, it sold to a lady in london. But fear not, I'm now knitting up another.


Anonymous said...

ooh, it's gorgeous! i love it - and love the beautiful soft colour :) happy birthday to both of us cancerians this month xx

Critty Critty Bang Bang said...

It's true, Cancers are moody Judy's. I confess. *=-)

Love the newest creation!