Wednesday, June 10, 2009


For anyone who popped into my blog the other day, and unfortunately saw my rant. At least one person had some sense to explain to a fellow knitter what it is to infringe on someone else's design style.

Whomever you are 'I thank you', and thankfully the knitter in question had the decency to listen to that persons words and do something about it, lets hope it's not short lived.


siobhan said...

I didn't want to have to contact you again over this, however I feel that I have to respond to this post because it's misleading.
All the people who saw and commented on your previous post know very well who you were talking about, and it is for their benefit I'm posting this.
I have received no communication from a third party as you imply, and nor have I changed anything I do as a result of your accusations.
You appear to be insinuating that I have somehow admitted infringing on your design style, and I stand by every word I have said - this is not the case.
I would appreciate you putting an end to these accusations now; I don't know how else to say it cherylline, I haven't ever copied your knitwear, it's as simple as that. I have never, nor would I ever, do anything to deliberately upset you. We will never be best friends, but I would like this campaign against me to end here, I have done nothing to deserve it.

cherylline said...

You know what shiobhan, the reason all the people knew who I was talking about on this post, was because between you and your friends you sent them here. I didn't advertise this post in any way.
As for your communication from a third party, well I would 'link' it, but I'm not going to, but I know, as I'm sure you know, really, that a conversation was had about 'emotions on creativity'.
Which lead you to create something of your own design.

I had brought this saga to an end, by removing the previous post, which was keeping all the incidents very raw in my mind, each time I came to my blog. Not because you asked me to remove your photo's. However, when i first asked you to stop copying me, you didn't bring it to an end. and went on to make something else that encroached on my work.

As for copying my style, I believe you intentionally have, there will be nothing that sways me to think differently, there was no development in your shop to lead to a kimono jumper, also, previously when I contacted you privately, I explained many other incidents. Which I didn't put on my blog, had I, then maybe the words 'similar' or 'co-incidence' wouldn't have been used in the comments.

and as for the comments left on my blog, well they were bias as far as I'm concerned. i know for a fact if somebody was to remotely encroach on their designs they would be feeling just as I am, especially if it was somebody from the same forum, maybe though the only difference is, they'd swallow it privately.
Me on the other hand I speak honestly, and I'm not afraid of the consequences, when somebody has, in my eyes, done me wrong. in the end karma will judge not me, you or anyone else.