Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Good

Well I'm happy to say this week I sold my musical halterneck t.shirt over on my oddsandsods site on etsy.

I love these halternecks, so it gave me a good excuse to start making a new one.

This is work in progress, I thought I'd show you, step by step, although I didn't quite capture the pattern cutting, or the pencil line drawing, but to be honest, it only involved a pair of scissors and pencil.
When the ink is dry, I will hold an iron just above the ink, to allow the heat to react with the ink, and like magic, the ink will puff up, into a 3d effect.

The tune on this one is 'feeling good' by nina simone, you know the one that starts 'Birds flying high' baby you know how I feel. that one.

Well these musical notes make up those first two bars. test it on a piano if you don't believe me :-)

I'll post piccies tomorrow when it's finished, so you can see what it looks like on.

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