Sunday, August 2, 2009

interesting result

I do have a new piece that I've knitted, but I really can't find a spare hour to stitch it together, and get it pictured, so for now, I will treat you to another Etsy Front Page.

This was on the FP at around 10am this morning, (sunday 2nd august) it was interesting to see how the views and hearts measured up, to previous FP's that have featured iLE AiYE which have been on display at peek hours
So 10am in the UK is anywhere between 1am - 5am in the USA, depending on the coast. well what a difference this makes to the stats. only 2 shop hearts and 6 garment hearts, however, that didn't seam to effect the sales, as I had four. Gore blimely that's a record breaking ratio.

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