Friday, December 25, 2009

baby it's cold outside

Well we've all come across the bitterly cold weather of late, and during my visits to the post office I've been freezing, despite my attempts to wrap up like a bear in the North Pole.
This got me thinking how could I improve my warmth level whilst outside.
With the wind finding it's way into any available gap between my coat and my scarf, and my lips freezing up and becoming chapped. The only solution was of course, a balaclava ;-) So on Xmas eve and Christmas morning I set about knitting this up. Whilst it might look Over The Top, I can assure you. I'd prefer to look a little bit OTT, than be freezing my butt off, and I'm pretty sure they'll be people in colder climates than London which would heartedly agree.


LuliBags said...

I like it! Looks very warm.

cherylline said...

Thanks Lucinda, Tis very warm indeed.