Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm so so soooooooooo happy with my new top.
This is what my customer had to say, when she saw the images.
'im jumping because of happyness! i loooooove what you made!!you are gorgeous!!(and by the way: you look loke a model! veeeery pretty!!)

So Apart from teaching myself some new techniques, I've found myself a new style. Which is going to be seen a fair bit in my store in the months to come. I'm pretty sure some of my hip customers are going to love these, I'm not sure if I'll re-nit this exact same tank again, ( wish I was young enough to wear one), but the netting effect will deffinately be used.

I'm loving the yarn that I choose, it's heavy and thick, with a great sheen to it. As for the ultra thin yarn I've got the biggest spool of this, so there's no worries of ever running out.
I'm going to try other colour mixes, and styles. just as soon as I have gotton some of my other ideas out of my head and onto my needles.
Watch this space. :-)))))))


AMIdesigns said...

Looks fabby - you sexy thing! :D

Bigbluebed said...

I wish I was slim and pretty enough to model my own stuff.

It is lovely.