Saturday, January 30, 2010

silver grey cropped wrap cardi

I just finished knitting this wrap cardi in the silver/grey yarn that's been sat here in my stash for months, thank heavens a customer asked for my oatmeal version in a grey, this meant not only was I able to free up a tiny space in my stash for more yarn, it also meant I was at long last going to see the cardi finished in a grey. It's just as lovely as the oatmeal, a great neutral shade, and such a comfy cardi, I'm so going to have myself one of these for the spring.

Today I had to do a quick run to a great little wool shop in Battersea, 'Honer Parry' earlier this week I was desperately looking for a yarn which I'd run out of, but needed just a ball to complete the order, problem being the internet was showing up no results for the shade I needed, at some point whilst I was dropping off to sleep that night I remembered Honer Parry, it's the kind of yarn shop that has balls of yarn in every nook and cranny. I figured if there was anywhere I was going to find this yarn, it would be there. A quick telephone call the next morning to enquire, holding my breath whilst the owner had a search, and promptly returned to tell me she had 2 in the shade I was looking for. Whoppee Thank heavens, So today I picked up my 2 balls of yarn, along with about another 10 balls of assorted loveliness, and after interrupting a small knitting group I came away inspired to use a yarn I've stayed way clear of in the past. So when I get me some free time, I'll show you the results of my quick yarn trip.

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