Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been playing

Black and fawn leather cuff
snake effect leather pouch
Purple suede cuff
Soft Black Leather pouch
Soft leather tassel earrings

YEs this morning for the first time in something like 10 months I was able to play properly with my leather, Just to get me into the feel of it again, I made these, and for those of you who'll remember those tassels on my leather jacket, here's a pair of leather tassel earrings, I still have a lot of tassels left, so be warned, I will be boring you with many more tassel creations.
My little sewing machine quite surprised me by sewing up the snake effect leather which is a pretty firm leather, not so much thick, but stiff,
I use a pouch just like these for my headphones, usb stick, dongle, and bluetooth, it's really handy, and keeps them all housed together whilst in my handbag.

Anyway what a fun morning that was, now back to my orders and yarn.

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