Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have so much yarn

Cream cotton shrug, slimline version LTD Edition 3-4 left

About a week ago, i sold 3 of these shrugs in around 24hrs, and was convinced that was the last of the stash I had in stock, Which was a sad moment, cause this yarn is probably the quickest, softest, smoothest yarn to knit with.
And with it being long discontinued i was sure i wouldn't find any more hiding on the internet.
Little did i know I had a pack of 10 balls hiding in my stash, which I quite happily found just now whilst searching for another yarn.
so I'm happy to have another 4 - 5 of these available.


christina vosloo said...

I really do like your knittings and designs. I would love to knit it. Is there any chance that you will make your patterns available / sell it? I am specially interested in "A moment to myself", "cropped oatmeal tweed cardigan" and "brown alpaca blend tweed cardigan". If yes, I will be extremely pleased.

cherylline said...

Thanks for your interest in my designs,
Unfortunately at the moment I'm not selling my patterns. to be honest I hardly think anyone other than me could make sense of how I write them.