Saturday, July 31, 2010

mosaic crazy

So I thought i'd share some images of my bathroom with you, after showing you some of the tiles I'll be using for my fire place, I figured a little viewing of my ever so small bathroom would be something of a colour/design experience.
Mr iLE AiYE and I created this room some 10 years ago, based on an Egyptian theme, with hand painted panels in each wall, we researched each image carefully, eventually deciding on, a map of the river Nile, hieroglyphics explaining the ritual of applying make-up, Sun Ray, a Rosetta Stone and the tree of life, and then of course there's the mosaic ceiling mirror which we placed over the bath, this is great fun whilst relaxing in the bath, however the deeper reason for this, was more of a cleansing of the soul, ie: water, bathing, nudity.

it took us about 5 months to create this space often working till the early hours of the morning, smashing up tiles and fitting them like a huge jigsaw. I've never tired of this bathroom, (dispite it probably being the smallest room known to man) it's a peaceful space, full of beautiful colours and shapes, I hope you like it too.

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