Saturday, October 2, 2010

A little post about Santana

I was unable to take any pictures, cause you just can't get a camera in these venue's and my phone camera is just not upto to the job.

however, I wasn't disappointed one bit by the supernova that is Santana, he was loud, the acoustics were clear, better than my CD which I played in the car on the way there and back.

What I really really liked was the simplicity of this gig, it was all about the music, no frills, no fuss, no flashy outfits. Which we're so used to in entertainment these days.
The setup comprised of one large screen, 2 drummers, 1 percussion, 1 trumpet, 1 sax, 2 male vocalists, and of course Santana, All of them in just jeans and t.shirt, and a whole lot of rhythm.
The simple set-up could have been placed in the smallest intimate of venues, the fact they were playing in one of the worlds leading music venues, didn't faze them to raise to a level of flash.
This man is super cool, a real perfectionist, a musical creative wonder, I don't think many people could pull of such an understated show, but this guy did it.

In all an inspiring evening. Simply perfect.

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Louise said...

Sounds like a fantastic night out! It's so great when a musician like Santana is consistently brilliant and never loses skill... Lucky you to see him! I hope to see Leonard Cohen next year.