Saturday, October 9, 2010


Last weekend I took my son shopping to Kensington High Street, He's got a work placement at the Independent Newspaper, and so wanted a couple of merino v.necks for that smart casual look. So inevitably I was unable to walk past the shoe shops without having a peep.
Always a bad thing, cause I'm a sucker for a new pair of boots, I tried these on, and OMG I've not stopped thinking about them all week.
I'm now very tempted to nip to the store and just get me a pair.


Louise said...

Just do it. ;D

cherylline said...

I've done it, ARRGGHH I raced across london this morning, to pick up a pair from Oxford street, It was the last pair in london in my size, FATE. or is it retail therapy for my long induring hours at the old bailey/court house, and knitting all night, and ridiculously early this week.
anyway's I'm now gloating over them. ummmm

Louise said...

Oh good for you! There are some stunning boots in that store, and you got one of the best pairs! Yes, fate - left for you for all the hard work you do! :)