Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a winters cowl

So as winter is settling in I figured it was time to knit a warmer style cowl. I've taken my design from the cowl section of my winter hoodies http://www.etsy.com/listing/57924851/cream-chunky-hoodie-cowl-balaclava-cause and folded the collar over, giving extra warmth.
What I find with a lot of cowls, or indeed scarves, is it's always tricky covering up that tiny section in-between your jacket and the cowl/scarf.

So with this design, it simply tucks under the jacket, no added bulk, but complete warmth. the back section, only covers the neck, so you don't have a huge excess of material getting in the way of your hair (always a problem for me with such long hair - if I have excess material and a hat, without doubt, the end result is tangled, knotted hair).


Louise said...

This is fantastic! I wish it was winter as this would be ideal for me, I have so much hair!! Always loads of hair in the way and some scarves make me look like I have some kind of neck growth going on!! Haha. How marvellous that you have created something that works! I'll book mark you for next season, we are coming into summer now... Love your work!

cherylline said...

Lucky you, Summer, I dream of it. :-)